PA Tours does an excellent job of organizing well thought out , affordable, and student centered tours that are loved by both the students and chaperones.
Ken Crowley - Teacher
The tour company organizes the paperwork, attends the parent meetings, conducts a student “kick off” meeting, arranges the roommates, runs the fundraiser, donates scholarship money to students in need, works with teachers to create a custom itinerary, and travels with the group every step of the way. PA tours truly goes above and beyond!
Denise Casher - Secretary and Trip Organizer
The kids and chaperons love these field trips. The trip is so well run – they see more amazing sites in 2 days of touring than a family trying to do this could fit in a week! I enjoy it so much I have been going with my middle school students for almost 30 years.
Doug Wood (Social Studies Teacher)