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Sign Up – required forms
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Butler 9th graders – get ready for the Big Apple!  This Spring, you have the opportunity to take a 3-day, 2-night field trip to New York City.
Butler Area School District
9th Grade Trip to New York City
May 10-12, 2019

You’ll explore Manhattan , see a Broadway Musical, visit the Statue of Liberty, explore the American Natural History and 9/11 Museums, and more.  All with your friends, classmates, and teachers.  Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!


On this exciting 3-day, 2-night trip, students will:
Students will depart from the Intermediate High School early Friday morning, traveling on comfy, coach buses.  After arriving in NYC, they’ll spend the next 2 1/2 days exploring the city, staying overnight at the Hampton Inn, Madison Square Garden.  They’ll be home Sunday night, ready to get back to school and brag about their trip on Monday morning.  Transportation, deluxe lodging, all meals and admission charges are all included.
  • Safety is the top priority on this trip. We have a low student-to-chaperone ratio, use only experienced drivers, and have security guards and nurses on hand.  (Learn more.)
  • We’re also dedicated to helping students find ways to finance this trip.  We have a long payment window, multiple fundraisers, and scholarships available.  Read more about payments
  • Parents can join the trip as chaperones, provided they have all clearances required for BASD volunteers.  The price for parents is the same as for students, and includes everything in the student package.  Students are given first priority.  If there is room on the buses once student sign-up is complete, any parents who asked to join will be notified in late November.  If you are interested in being a parent chaperone, send an email to or call (724-355-4997).

We will be staying at the Hampton Inn, Madison Square Garden, which features  comfortable, well appointed rooms equipped with cable TV and a blow dryer.
3-5 students will be assigned per room, and each room has either two queen beds or a king bed and a sleeper sofa.

Students choose their own roommates in groups of 4 by completing the form on this site.  You can have rooms of 2 or 3, but the trip cost will be higher.

  • Deadline to submit your roommate selection is December 12, 2018.
  • Each student in the room must submit his/her own roommate request online.  All requests must have the same names on them, or the room will not be formed.  When all students in a room complete this successfully, you will be notified via the email address provided on the roommate form so that students, and parents, can confirm the arrangement is good.
  • Once your room has been submitted, it should not change. If there is a good reason for a room change (for example, you want to add a student who needs a room), you may submit an email explaining this to Your change request may be denied. We cannot change rooms for trivial reasons.


The trip cost is based on the number of students who share a room:

  • $632/student Quad (4 in room)
  • $669/student Triple (3 in room)
  • $742/student Double (2 in room)
  • $961/person Single (only available to parents)

The cost includes motor coach travel, deluxe hotel rooms, all meals, gratuities, admissions, and fees.

A $100, non-refundable deposit is required to sign up by November 21, 2018.   Payments are due as follows:

  • $100 due Dec. 12, 2018
  • $100 due Jan. 9, 2019
  • $100 due Feb. 6, 2019
  • $100 due March 6, 2019
  • Remaining balance due April 3, 2019

All participants must make payments by the scheduled due dates.  Payments are not refundable.  You may also pay in full at any time and will be refunded for any amount you paid that was not yet due.  (For example, if you pay in full on November 21, but have to drop out on January 1, we will refund all but the initial 2 payments ($200).

Payments can be made on this site by check or credit card.  For any other arrangement, contact us at or 724-355-4997.

Because of the high cost of travel to NYC, and the need to reserve rooms and buses well in advance, we cannot refund deposits or payments.

However, you can purchase Trip Protection for an additional $75.00.  With Trip Protection, a student can drop at any time, for any reason, up until the morning of the trip.  You will receive a full refund of all money you paid to date – no questions asked.  The $75 trip protection payment is not refundable.  We also cannot refund any fundraising profit.  That money is donated to the scholarship fund.

You will have the option to add trip protection when you make your initial deposit, or by making a payment.   We will stop offering trip protection shortly after the initial sign-up period has ended.

A limited scholarship fund is available for families facing financial hardship.  To apply, complete the 2019 Butler NYC Financial Aid Request form by the November 21 deadline.   Note that the form requires teacher recommendations, so don’t delay.  Late requests will not be considered.

Fundraiser participation is mandatory to receive financial aid.


Participate in one, or both, of the fundraiser below to earn money towards your trip.

  • Profit from the trip will be applied to the student’s account up to the amount of the trip, plus $30 for spending money. Any money raised over that amount will be donated to a tour scholarship fund.
  • If a student drops out of the tour, any money raised through fundraising will be put in the tour scholarship fund. There are no refunds for any money raised through fund-raising activities.

Raise money for your trip by selling delicious, locally-made hoagies:

  • 9” hoagies at $5.50 each. Hoagies include bologna, cooked ham, American cheese, hard salami, lettuce, tomato, and a packet of dressing. They are made by Fairground Market 1138 New Castle Rd, Prospect, PA 16052
  • Students earn $2.75 for every hoagie sold.
  1. Start taking orders now using the Hoagie Fundraiser Instructions & Order Form .  Collect payment from the customers when you take the orders.  Have them make checks payable to you.
  2. Place and pay for your order by November 28, 2018.
  3. Pick up your order on Wednesday, December 12 at 3 pm in Cafeteria A.

Sell Daffins Candy Bars to earn money toward your trip cost!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy candy bars on this site, in boxes of 36.  You pay $36 for the box, but $18 goes toward the trip cost.
  2. We’ll notify you when your candy has been delivered to the school.
  3. Pick up your boxes from Mr. Casher in Room 200 or Mrs. Casher in the Principals office.
  4. Sell the candy bars for $1 each to earn your money back.


Student Safety is the most important aspect of this tour. The following procedures are in place to ensure safe travels:

  • School discipline standards will be upheld during the trip, and participation may be denied based on a student’s disciplinary record.
  • Each bus has at least four experienced chaperones.  Many are district employees and have chaperoned this trip for several years. They know the students and are familiar with the places we will visit.  All chaperones have required clearances.
  • Students will be divided into smaller groups and assigned an experienced chaperon to supervise them throughout the weekend.  They will stay with their groups and chaperon, especially in Times Square, Chinatown, and Central Park.
  • Two tour coordinators travel with this group to alert the students and chaperones to any changes that need to be made, and to be in contact with the bus drivers at all times.
  • Chaperones and tour coordinators utilize GroupMe for communications.
  • Meeting times, places, etc. are all clearly explained in advance of each stop.
  • When we are at the hotel, students will be in their rooms with their roommates only.  A security guard will monitor the hallway all night.
  • Hotel rooms do not have exterior exits. Mechanisms are put in place to ensure students do not visit one another’s rooms during the night. Hotel rooms have landline phones and students are told how to contact chaperones during the night.
  • A nurse will accompany us on the trip.
  • We only use experienced drivers who are familiar with Manhattan. We strictly follow bus company and federal laws pertaining to driver and passenger safety.


  • We will be spending a lot of time outdoors and doing a lot of walking.  Check the NYC forecast and pack accordingly.  Bring comfortable shoes and layering is always a good idea in the Spring.
  • Wondering how to dress for the Broadway show?  The answer is:  however you want.  You’ll see people in casual, comfortable clothes, and people in dressier clothes.  Whatever you wear in NYC – you’ll fit in.
  • Students are welcome to bring spending money and snacks for their hotel rooms.
  • All medication must be given to the chaperones before boarding.
  • Students and their luggage will pass through metal detectors before they board the buses. Please triple check that there are no items that would be prohibited in school, or you may not be able to attend.
  • Students are expected to abide by all applicable school policies while on this trip.
  • The District has the right to deny a student from participating based on disciplinary or other issues that arise before the trip (e.g., fighting).
Dates to Know

Signup deadline extended to fill bus 3!

DEC 1 – FEB 1
Candy Bar Fundraiser

Roommate selections due

Parent meeting at IHS, 7 pm

MAY 10
Departure Day – Arrive at IHS at 6 am for bag check

MAY 12
Students return to IHS at approximately 9 pm


Contact the trip coordinator:
(724) 355-4997