Butler 8th Grade Field Trip to

Washington DC

November 18-19, 2023

This Fall, Butler 8th graders have the opportunity to spend two days in Washington, DC, where they will see and explore the institutions of our federal government and immerse themselves in our national history. Butler students have been traveling to our nation’s Capitol with Logan Tours for 60 years. Many remember it as a highlight of their school years. Make it one of yours, too!

Key Dates + Info

Trip Cost:  $375

Note: This includes a $30 trip protection fee that entitles you to a refund of the remaining $345 up until trip departure, for any reason. 

Sept 21 : Logan Tours representative goes over trip info in classroom.

Sept 28:  Daffins Candy Fundraiser orders due (optional).

Sept 30 from 9-10:30 am:  Pick up candy bars at Lyndora American Legion.

Sept 21 – Oct 4: Sign up for the trip. When you finish the sign up forms, you will be taken to a payment page to pay the $100 deposit (applied to trip cost).  You must sign up and pay the deposit by midnight on Oct 4.

Oct 5-20: The “Sign Up” link will be replaced with a “Final Payment” link.  The $275 final payment is due by midnight on Oct 20.

Oct 6: Roommate selection forms distributed in Social Studies class.

Oct 10-13: Turn in all roommate selection forms for your room, stapled together as a packet, to Ms. Carlson in room 211.

A trip roster will be emailed to the parents of all students who signed up, and posted in room 211. Use this to select roommates.

Nov 9 @ 6 pm:  Parent meeting at Butler Intermediate School Auditorium.

Sat Nov 18 @  5:30 am: Drop off at Butler Intermediate School for bag checks and bus boarding.

Sun Nov 19@ 9 pm: Pick up at Butler Intermediate School (have phones on – return time may change)

What You'll See

On this exciting 2-day, 1 night trip, students will:

We depart from the Intermediate School early Saturday morning, traveling on comfy coach buses. After arriving in DC, students spend the afternoon touring the city, then head to Manassas, VA for dinner and evening activities. We tour again Sunday morning and early afternoon, returning home in the evening. Transportation, deluxe lodging, all meals and admission charges are all included.

How to Sign Up and Pay

  • Click “Sign Up” at the top of the page. You, and your child, will enter several pages of information and signatures.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Your child is not signed up for the trip until you complete this process.  
  • Deposit: When you are done completing the forms, you will be taken to a payment page where you pay the $100 deposit using your checking account, or a credit card. 
  • Final Payment: There will be a “Final Payment” link in place of the “Deposit” link after the sign up period has ended.
  • Due dates: The due dates are listed in the box at the top of this webpage.

Refund Policy

A district mandated $30 “trip protection fee” is included in the tour price.  Therefore, the remaining $345 is fully refundable until the morning of the trip if your child withdraws for any reason.  You must notify Rebecca Green at logantoursinc@gmail.com  that your child is dropping out in order to get a refund.  If he/she just does not show up, there is no refund.  Any money raised through fundraising will not be refunded as per school policy.

Fundraising Opportunity

See the fundraising tab at the top of the page to learn about ways to help pay for the trip.  Do not delay!

Scholarship Fund

There is a scholarship fund for families facing financial hardship.  The fundraiser, financial need, and teacher recommendations are requirements to be eligible for scholarship money.  If you are interested, the student must see Mrs. Casher in the Principal’s office for an application.  Applications and teacher recommendations are due to Mrs. Casher by the trip sign up deadline (see box at top of page).

Student Behavior

  • Students are expected to abide by all applicable school policies while on this trip.
  • The District has the right to deny a student from participating based on disciplinary or other issues that arise before the trip (e.g., fighting, bullying, etc.).
  • The “Good Night” time on the itinerary is the last time that any student will be permitted in the hotel hallways.  
  • The teachers from Butler have conducted the Washington DC field trip since 1963!  Our tour groups have always been well received by the hotel, restaurants, and tour sites visited.  And we plan to keep up our good record!

Meals & Money

Breakfast: Not included – send healthy snacks on bus.
Lunch:  Subway cold cut trio or turkey 6″ sub, chips, dessert, & water.
Dinner: All-you-can eat pizza + soda.

Breakfast  hotel hot buffet
Lunch:  Elephant & Castle – preorder.
Dinner:  Chicken tenders, fries, soup, salad, and dessert bar from Hoss’ Steakhouse

If you have special dietary needs, bring food that is safe for you. We can store a cooler under the bus, if needed.

Spending money:  $30-$50 will be enough for vending and small souvenirs.  More will be needed if you plan to purchase T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Food and beverages are permitted on the buses and in hotel rooms.  Only water is allowed on the bus.  Students are expected to discard waste and keep buses and rooms clean. If not, snack privileges will be revoked.

Hotel & Roommates

  • We will be staying at the Hampton Inn, Manassas VA, which features comfortable, well appointed rooms equipped with cable TV and a blow dryer.  4 students will be in a room, and each room has either two queen beds or a king bed and a sleeper sofa.  
  • Students choose their own roommates using a form that will be distributed during Social Studies class after the trip sign up and deposit are complete. 
  • Students should list the names of everyone they want to room with, make sure everyone’s form for their room matches, staple them together and turn in as a packet to Ms. Carlson in room 211.
  • Rooms of fewer than 4 may be asked to add a student or combine with another room.
  • If a student cannot find a roommate, every effort will be made to assist.  However, if a room cannot be found for this student, he/she will receive a refund of all monies paid towards the trip.
  • Please help your child with this process, and encourage them to be kind and helpful to their peers.  We know it can be stressful.
  • If your child + friend only want 2 in their room, and do not want to consider adding another student, they can pay $40 each to be in a room of 2.   If one of the 2 students drop, the other one will have to find a room if he/she is going to attend the trip. Click the button below to choose this option and pay. 

Planning & Packing

What to Bring:  Take all items on board the bus that you plan to use throughout the day, including  phones, cameras, jackets, and spending money (not required – keep to minimum). Please send healthy snacks and water.   

You’ll also need to have a gym bag with you on the bus.  Pack this with whatever you’ll need for the Freedom Center pool & recreation area.

Everything you’ll need at the hotel (sleepwear, toiletries, games, more snacks & drinks – water) goes in a bag that can be put in the under-bus storage. You won’t be able to access it throughout the day.

Medication must be given to the chaperones before boarding.

Phones and other screens:  Students are responsible for their possessions, so use discretion.  Label these items with name and parent phone number in case they are misplaced.

Weather:  We will be outside and walking A LOT!  Wear comfortable shoes.  Check the DC forecast and pack accordingly, including jacket/rain coats.

Music and video: Must be played through headphones. No flash photography after dark.  No laser lights.  Movies rated G or PG only.

Bag Checks and Student Screening:  Students and their luggage will pass through metal detectors and bag searches before boarding in the morning.  If anything is found that is prohibited from school (see the student handbook), your child will not be allowed to attend the trip.  Please TRIPLE CHECK that there are no items that would get them in trouble on their person, or in their luggage.


Student Safety is the most important aspect of this tour. The following procedures are in place to ensure safe travels:

  • School behavior standards will be upheld during the trip, and participation may be denied based on a student’s disciplinary record.
  • Chaperones and tour coordinators have required clearances. Most are district employees who know the students and are familiar with the places we visit.
  • Experienced tour coordinators travel with the group at all times. They explain meeting times, places, etc. in advance of each stop. They will alert students and chaperones to any changes that need to be made, and are in contact with the bus drivers at all times.
  • Students travel in groups with their roommates and their bus chaperones.
  • The places we visit have strict security and/or police on site.
  • Hotel rooms do not have exterior exits. Hotel rooms have landline phones and students are told how to contact chaperones during the night.
  • A security guard walks the halls all night. Mechanisms are put in place to ensure students do not visit one another’s rooms during the night.
  • Only experienced drivers are used, and we strictly follow federal laws pertaining to driver safety.


Jess Carlson, School Sponsor

724-214-3400, ext.5543

Denise Casher, School Sponsor

724-214-3405 (office)
724-822-1208 (mobile)

Rebecca Green, Tour Coordinator